Black | Intense

Limited edition

Accordina Black Intense

An exceptional accordina in a deep black finish.

Natural grey mother-of-pearl keyboard buttons for the beauty and feel of a noble material.

Interchangeable ribs in deep black or madrona burl.

Limited edition of 15 numbered instruments on a fine gold-plated plate.

Keyboard system: C 1st row/C-Griff (Italian)

Finition : Deep black

Interchangeable sides: 1 set deep black + 1 set in madrona burr

Buttons: Grey natural mother-of-pearl

Button felts: Black

2 650,00

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• Characteristics of the instrument
Characteristics of the instrument
Black | Intense

37 notes

from G3 to G6

1 flute voice

440 Hz Tuning fork

Innovations & French Know-How

The entirely artisanal manufacture of the parts uses ultra-modern tooling techniques and current materials. Assembly, adjustment and tuning are carried out entirely by hand.

Incomparable sound qualities

Walnut reed block

Wood fully protected by dipping


A dipping process fully and durably protects the reed block and the inside of the instrument against moisture.

Special stainless steel reeds

Specially studied and made to measure in Italy, unalterable stainless steel reeds are mounted directly on the reed block by an “exclusive and fast” system for an optimal sound reproduction favoring the characteristic timbre of this wind instrument. This way of assembly eases the maintenance.

Esthétique d'exception

Ébénisterie extérieure

Une finition Noir Intense donne à cet accordina une esthétique d'exception.

Éclisses interchangeables

Deux jeux d'éclisses en versions noire intense ou loupe de madrona.


Boutons en nacre naturelle grise pour la beauté et le toucher d'une matière noble.

A comfortable playing experience

Silent keyboard

The keyboard is equipped with synthetic pistons for excellent stability and a responsive and dynamic feel. Quiet valves are mounted with stainless steel screws for perfect compression.

Ergonomic mobile mouthpiece

An ergonomic, movable and swiveling mouthpiece that can be removed for cleaning.

Water key

A water key allows condensation to drain away.



L'instrument est livré avec son étui de transport rembourré.


Jeu de 3 pochons en velour noir pour la protection de l'instrument, des éclisses et le rangement de la clé de montage.

Maintenance of your instrument

Like a wind instrument, after each use, it is advisable to wipe the inside of the instrument, which opens easily.

Weight and dimensions


28 cm


8 cm


7 cm


0.86 kg


1 year warranty on parts and labour

Made in France

Delivery within 15 days

• Models in stock
Models in stock

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Accordina Black Intense

2 650,00
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