Artists and testimonials

Artists and testimonials

- Accordina Laurent Jarry -

Natural Wood Species accordinas

• Since 1995 •

As a wind and free reed instrument with a button keyboard like the accordion, compact, portable and expressive, with a warm and flute tone, the accordina enables you to play melodies and chords. Easy to play, it is the ideal instrument for jazz and variety amateurs and professionals.

• Ken Kawamura •

  1. Dear Laurent - Un Homme et une Femme Ken Kawamura 1:21
  2. Dear Laurent - Oboro-Zukiyo Ken Kawamura 0:50
  3. Dear Laurent - Pavane pour une infante defunte Ken Kawamura 0:59
  4. Dear Laurent - Autumn Leaves Ken Kawamura 0:51
  5. Dear Laurent - Ballad in Deep Blue Ken Kawamura 1:09
  6. Dear Laurent - What are you doing the rest of your life Ken Kawamura 1:19

Roland Romanelli

Accordionist, pianist and composer
As a fervent supporter of the accordina in the 70s and 80s, I dreamed that a passionate person like Laurent could take over and innovate the manufacture of this instrument in its own right.
Thank you Laurent for this gift and for your passion.

Roland Romanelli presents us Laurent Jarry's accordina for Music Selection

Manu Maugain

Composer, accordionist
Oh, Laurent Jarry's Accordina is the must of the Accordina! The beauty of design for a pure and refined sound. For me, this beautiful object, carved in refined wood species, is not only an artwork; it is a refined object that enchants my audience at festivals in France, during my tours in Japan.

Ken Kawamura

Composer and pianist

I made a mini album after a long time.

This time, we use wood accordina.

Yeah! Your accordina gives me a great inspiration.

Jacques Bolognesi

Composer, pianist, saxophonist and accordionist
The accordina made by Laurent Jarry allows a very different expression of the accordion, it is a wind instrument...
What seduces me about this instrument are the qualities of the sound. The sound is warm and rich. In addition, its keyboard is very reliable; fast and nervous, it allows you to play quickly. This instrument can play in chords and interesting sounds can be obtained through compositions or theme covers.
It is certain that this instrument requires a new repertoire. I presented this instrument in May 1995 in a duo with pianist Mico NISSIM and I must say that the sound and timbre of this instrument go perfectly well with the sound of the piano.

Improvisation, April 2018 at La boîte d'accordéon.

Christophe Delporte

Accordionist, bandoneonist
What I particularly like about this accordina is of course its sound, which is particularly suited to Astoria's "wood" sound.
I would also say that I now understand the relationship that a violinist or cellist can have with his or her luthier's instrument.
I wouldn't want to have another accordina.... (unlike the accordion) because I feel a particular relationship between this instrument made by Laurent Jarry and myself. It's as if the visible patina of the wood belonged to me. You will have understood, I love my instrument.

Pierrick Hardy

Guitarist and composer
What is very interesting about this accordina is the almost perfect balance with the guitar.
This instrument allows a sound color that extends the color of the acoustic guitar I use. It is also made by a luthier.

Francis Jauvain

Composer, accordionist, he plays the saxophone and the accordina
The design of the accordina is excellent. It offers very precise musical qualities: velocity, power, nuances. You can switch from triple piano to triple forte by having a continuity of sound dynamics.
The accordina has exactly the same articulation possibilities as a wind instrument. All this for a very low weight.
I approach it as a wind instrument working with the same logic as the saxophone. Laurent JARRY's accordina allows to articulate the musical sentence, to link, to accentuate, to detach the notes as on a wind instrument.
This model allows a very wide expressiveness with a raw sound, specific to the accordina. It is a true instrument of lutherie, which prowls itself over time.

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