Accordina on Homo Faber Guide

Laurent Jarry recommended by the Michelangelo Foundation to feature in the Homo Faber Guide.

The accordina creator

Laurent Jarry was the first to bring back accordinas in 1995. His signature creation is the accordina; a small accordion keyboard, the bellows of which have been replaced by the blow of the player. Invented by André Borel in the 1950s, Jarry was the first to bring them back in the 90s and has since designed three models that confirmed him as a specialist of the instrument.

All the artisans and small workshops featured in the Homo Faber Guide have been carefully researched and selected. They are presented and narrated through a selection of images and an interview, which allows readers to immerse themselves in the universe of these makers, who exemplify excellence in their individual fields or are promising talents of the future.

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