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Yew burr

Yew burr or bush [...]


Shell of the shell of the same name, cut out or reconstituted, used for marquetry [...]

Christophe Delporte

Christophe Delporte is in love with the accordina and plays the Accordina Laurent Jarry. [...]

Elm burr

Piece of elm burr for a futur creation... [...]

Santos Rosewood

A unique piece featuring exceptional cabinetwork. [...]

Black Intense

An exceptional accordina in a deep black finish. Limited edition of 15 numbered instruments on [...]

Roland Romanelli – Tennessee

Fervent ambassador of the accordina, Roland Romanelli has been playing exclusively on Laurent Jarry accordina [...]

Natural wood Edition

Laurent Jarry, maker and creator of accordinas since 1995. [...]

• Models in stock
Models in stock

Natural wood Edition

Accordina Yew wood

1 740.00

Natural wood Edition

Accordina Walnut wood

1 740.00

Limited Editions

Accordina Black Intense

Unique pieces

Accordina Elm burr

3 990.00

Unique pieces

Accordina Yew burr

3 590.00

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