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Episode 06 – Apollo Lyra – E. L. Schmidt, 1831

The Apollo Lyra was invented in Germany in 1831 by Ernst Leopold Schmidt with the [...]

Episode 05 – Accordina – A. Borel, 1943

André Borel had the idea to marry the keyboard of the button accordion to this [...]

Accordina Black Intense

An exceptional accordina in a deep black finish. Limited edition of 15 numbered instruments on [...]

Episode 04 – Harmonicor – L. J. Jaulin, 1861

Named new oboe, the harmoni-cor of Louis Julien JAULIN (France) was intended to be a [...]

Alexandre Léauthaud plays on Laurent Jarry accordina

Alexandre Léauthaud plays on Laurent Jarry accordina.

Episode 03 – G. Reichstein, c. 1829

The Neu Tschiang ("New Sheng") invented by Gerichtsaktuarius Reichstein, a wind instrument maker from Gnadenfeld, [...]

Episode 02 – P. A. Kayser, 1829

The piano-éolien, an instrument by Philippe-Auguste Kayser, a doctor in Strasbourg (France), patented in June [...]

Episode 01 – Joseph Weinrich, 1828

An instrument invented by Joseph Weinrich (Germany), patented in 1828.It was made by Griesling and [...]

Accordina on Homo Faber Guide

Laurent Jarry has been recommended among the most prestigious craftsmen in Europe.

Athena 2nd and People’s choice Awards 2020

Athena 2nd and People's choice Awards 2020 for Laurent Jarry and his accordina!

Get your accordina for Christmas

Accordina Walnut Wood - Delivered to your home before Christmas* if ordered before December 17th.

Roland Romanelli – The Good Life

New extract from Roland Romanelli who has been playing exclusively on Laurent Jarry's accordina for [...]

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Models in stock

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Accordina Walnut wood

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