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Episode 05 – Accordina – A. Borel, 1943

André Borel had the idea to marry the keyboard of the button accordion to this [...]

Accordina Black Intense

An exceptional accordina in a deep black finish. Limited edition of 15 numbered instruments on [...]

Episode 04 – Harmonicor – L. J. Jaulin, 1861

Named new oboe, the harmoni-cor of Louis Julien JAULIN (France) was intended to be a [...]

Alexandre Léauthaud plays on Laurent Jarry accordina

Alexandre Léauthaud plays on Laurent Jarry accordina. [...]

Episode 03 – G. Reichstein, c. 1829

The Neu Tschiang ("New Sheng") invented by Gerichtsaktuarius Reichstein, a wind instrument maker from Gnadenfeld, [...]

Episode 02 – P. A. Kayser, 1829

The piano-éolien, an instrument by Philippe-Auguste Kayser, a doctor in Strasbourg (France), patented in June [...]

Episode 01 – Joseph Weinrich, 1828

An instrument invented by Joseph Weinrich (Germany), patented in 1828.It was made by Griesling and [...]

Accordina on Homo Faber Guide

Laurent Jarry has been recommended among the most prestigious craftsmen in Europe. [...]

Athena 2nd and People’s choice Awards 2020

Athena 2nd and People's choice Awards 2020 for Laurent Jarry and his accordina! [...]

Get your accordina for Christmas

Accordina Walnut Wood - Delivered to your home before Christmas* if ordered before December 17th. [...]

Roland Romanelli – The Good Life

New extract from Roland Romanelli who has been playing exclusively on Laurent Jarry's accordina for [...]

Yew burr

Yew burr or bush [...]

• Models in stock
Models in stock

Natural wood Edition

Accordina Yew wood

1 740.00

Natural wood Edition

Accordina Walnut wood

1 740.00

Limited Editions

Accordina Black Intense

Unique pieces

Accordina Elm burr

3 990.00

Unique pieces

Accordina Yew burr

3 590.00

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