• The accordina

or a short history of wind accordions
Episode 01 – Joseph Weinrich, 1828

An instrument invented by Joseph Weinrich (Germany), patented in 1828.It was made by Griesling and Schott of Berlin, renowned wind instrument makers. Today, there are 3 known instruments.

Episode 02 – P. A. Kayser, 1829

The piano-éolien, an instrument by Philippe-Auguste Kayser, a doctor in Strasbourg (France), patented in June 1829.

Episode 03 – G. Reichstein, c. 1829

The Neu Tschiang ("New Sheng") invented by Gerichtsaktuarius Reichstein, a wind instrument maker from Gnadenfeld, Germany.

Episode 04 – Harmonicor – L. J. Jaulin, 1861

Named new oboe, the harmoni-cor of Louis Julien JAULIN (France) was intended to be a substitute for the oboe or the English horn in the orchestra!

Episode 05 – Accordina – A. Borel, 1943

André Borel had the idea to marry the keyboard of the button accordion to this harmonica. In 1943, he developed the accordina.

Episode 06 – Apollo Lyra – E. L. Schmidt, 1831

The Apollo Lyra was invented in Germany in 1831 by Ernst Leopold Schmidt with the idea of improving the Psallmelodikon.

Episode 07 – Symphonium – C. Wheatstone, 1827/1829

Around 1829, Charles Wheatstone invented a musical instrument with free metal reeds into which one blows: the Symphonium.

Episode 08 – Clavietta – P. Seiller and A. Borel, 1958

Contrary to what the name might suggest, the Clavietta is not an Italian but a French instrument, designed by André Borel.

Episode 09 – Mouth organ – R. Field and A. Hanson, 1902

The Mouth organ - A diatonic harmonica on the front to which two sets of reeds have been added on each side.

Episode 10 – Anonymous, c. 1850

Anonymous - Beautifully made instrument, probably of German or Austrian manufacture, consisting of two rows of keys with 26 chromatic notes.

Episode 11 – Harmonikon – K. Bässler, 1956

Marketed under the Beloton brand, we owe it to the engineer Karl Bässler in Germany.

Episode 12 – Harmoniphon – J. R. Pâris, 1836

The Harmoniphon is a small instrument that is played by means of a pipe in which one blows while the fingers act on the keyboard.

Episode 13 – Melodica – Lindermayer / Hohner, 1958/59

Marketed from 1959 by the German firm Hohner, the melodica is a polyphonic instrument, invented by F. Lindermayer.

Episode 14 – Hohnerette – Hohner, 1908

Patented in 1908, this instrument was produced in different versions until 1930.

Episode 15 – Éolina – Ballone Burini, c. 2007

Instrument derived from an accordion keyboard, its particularity is to work both by sucking and blowing.

Episode 16 – W. O. Miessner, 1927

This instrument is typically influenced by wind instruments in the tradition of Symplexophons and other flutas.

Episode 17 – Russian made instrument – Anonymous, c.1950/60

A rare example of a Russian made instrument, related to the accordina.

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